Awards Instructions

Nominee Eligibility

MBDA serves minority business enterprises that are owned or controlled by the following persons or group of persons: African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian, Hispanic, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Asian Indian and Hasidic Jews. Nominees are especially sought from these groups.

Eligible nominees include, but are not limited to: Business owners, business executives, and representatives of local, state and federal governments or nonprofit organizations, universities and colleges and tribal entities.

Awards listed under the Minority-Owned Firms are reserved for the presentation to a minority business.

The Champions of Minority Business Development and Individual Recognition awards, including the Ronald H. Brown Leadership Award and Abe Venable Legacy Award for Lifetime Achievement, are open to qualified nominees without regard to ethnicity.

Selection Process for 2020 National Minority Business Awards Winners

Submission and Initial Review

Nomination packages for these awards are submitted directly to MBDA headquarters where they are reviewed for completeness.  Partial or incomplete nomination packages will not be considered.  Please note that all awards will be presented to the firm or individual as identified in the nomination form.

Panel Evaluation

Complete nomination packages for each award category are evaluated, rated and ranked by a review panel based on the evaluation criterion published in this brochure.  The review panel shall be comprised of MBDA staff. 

Selection of Award Winners

The MBDA Acting National Director (or her designee) will serve as the Selecting Official for these awards.  In determining the award winners, the Selecting Official will consider the panel rankings and may also consider such other factors as the overall diversity of the nominee pool as it pertains to the objectives of the MBDA National MED Week Awards Program and the constituency served by MBDA. The Selecting Official may decide not to make an award selection if MBDA does not receive any satisfactory nominations in a specific award category.  In addition, the Selecting Official may select more than one award winner in a specific category depending on the quality of the nominations received.  Prospective award winners will be reviewed and vetted by the Department of Commerce prior to an official selection.

Final Award winners will be notified in writing and by telephone by the MBDA National Awards Program Coordinator.