2017 Minority Technology Firm of the Year

Presented to a minority-owned firm that has achieved outstanding success in promoting the use of technology in new and innovative ways, leading to greater efficiency and higher productivity.

Minority Technology Firm of the Year is presented to J&F Alliance Group. J&F Alliance is an IT company located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and founded in 2013 by CEO Falana Dula-King, and Vice President JarMarcus King. The firm customizes augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality applications. Their mission is to provide users with applications that increase safety awareness, work performance, comprehension, and collaboration. J&F solutions enable users to visualize and input/output data relevant to their work duties hands-free. Through a partnership with Daqri, a leading AR hardware developer, J&F has become their preferred advanced software developer for all their products. They are also a preferred developer for the Microsoft HoloLens and are nearing a partnership with Microsoft Defense. The firm has received patents from the NASA Langley Research Center for future product development that will use biofeedback from head-mounted devices to incorporate brain data collection into their AR/VR software platform. J&F will be among the first to use biometric feedback in our applications. The City of Hampton awarded J&F Alliance a substantial grant to redesign and update its secure special compartmented information facility to accommodate projected employee growth and infrastructure needs.

Falana Dula-King, CEO/President
JarMarcus King, Chief Operations Officer
Hampton, VA