2017 Minority Energy Firm of the Year

Presented to the minority-owned firm in the energy industry whose goods and services promote energy efficient projects achieving notable success resulting in improvement of the environment, proficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Minority Energy Firm of the Year is presented to Polymer Technologies and Service Inc. PTS is a thermoplastics resin processor and compounder that strives to bring new value to the post-industrial and post-consumer plastics recycling industry. Since its founding in 2002, PTS has sought to process as much scrap domestically as possible. PTS works with plastic industry individuals to transform their throwaway scrap plastic into valuable raw material. PTS has a proven track record of providing long-term solutions in automotive, home care, and lawn care product lines. With a fully equipped lab and ISO 9001:2008 certified processes, they go through exhaustive raw material and product testing to ensure product consistency. By processing domestically, PTS keeps jobs in the U.S. rather than exporting scrap overseas. They are keeping America “green” by recycling, reducing plastic cast-offs, and repurposing plastics. It began with two employees and has grown to more than 40 valued employees. Since the inception, on an average, revenue growth has been at 11 percent.

Sharad Thakkar, President
Heath, Ohio

Media Coverage

Heath business owner honored by White House, Trump
A Heath business owner was honored at the White House by President Donald Trump last week for owning the Minority Energy Firm of the Year.  Sharad Thakkar, president of Polymer Technologies, was honored on Oct. 24 in a ceremony in the Oval Office with other minority business owners. 

Polymer Technologies honored at White House
A Heath, Ohio-based plastics recycling company is being honored by a federal agency as part of recognition of minority-owned businesses. The Minority Business Development Agency at the U.S. Department of Commerce annually recognizes businesses, leaders and advocates "for their leadership, commitment and excellence in advancing the interests and the economic achievements of the minority business community," the agency said.